Year 10 revision for half term 2017

Progress 8

Provisional Progress 8 scores will be reported in performance tables for the first time this term. It will measure pupils’ progress across eight qualifications from age 11 to 16

Progress 8 explained in 3 minutes- Watch the clip

Exciting news!

We are excited to announce that from 1st September 2016, Kingstone Academy Trust has entered into an association with Clehonger Church of England Primary School, with Mr Fisher now also becoming the Executive Headteacher of Clehonger; Miss Ransford is now the Head of Clehonger Primary School. This will in many ways resemble the type of arrangement already in place between Kingstone High School and Kingstone & Thruxton Primary School. There are many benefits to both organisations from such collaboration.

Choosing an instrument

Herefordshire Music Service has launched a new page on its website; ‘Choosing an instrument’. It’s designed to help children and their parent/carers make an informed choice about the instrument that is best for them. It includes pictures, information and brief video clips with instruments introduced by children and young people.

Please take a look by following this link:

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