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Year 9 Summer Term

Tuesday 30th June 

Creative Journal: Drawing 

Advised deadline: Tuesday 14th July

Please read through the task sheet carefully before you start. There are video demonstrations to support both tasks on Teams. 

Monday 15th June 

Collections Project, Creative Journal

Advised Deadline Tuesday 30th June 

Part 1: Creative Journal

A creative journal is a book that you will use to explore your ideas throughout your GCSE. You will keep this journal throughout your GCSE and you can add pages as you go. It can be completely hand-made or you can adapt an existing notebook or sketchbook. 

Please read through the task sheet and watch the demonstration videos on Teams to help you. 

Use the different types of paper you collected in the last task to help you. 

Part 2: Make your own collection

Make your own collection of a minimum of 5 items. This can be a collection can have a theme e.g. coins, food, shoes or the objects can be unrelated and the connection is that you put them together.