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Year 9 Set 1

Homework sheet 1 is still due on Tuesday 24th March please email a copy of your work if possible to if you are in please hand it in. – work sheet on future plans

Lesson 1 + 2 Tues complete work on powerpoint mes etudes – make notes on the grammar and complete tasks in your book. Then work on my studies task sheet and education post 16 – completion Friday 27th March

Lesson 3 – mes études work sheet scroll through it starts on p.2 complete all tasks p2-4 – you can make notes on all of the grammar in your book.(tues 31st March)

Lesson 4 – Weds 1st April – Happy Poisson D’Avril!!! Tu vas continuer le francais work task – also complete all tasks on the near future and simple future tense from the work book I gave you on weds 18th in class. This is quite a lot of work

All of this work needs to be completed by Fri 3rd April

I am assigning Weds as my Year 9 day – please email or send work on this day if you need support I am planning to be available if you need help. Thanks

Mrs Jones