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Year 9 Old Work

Following the email from Mr Butler about completing work for the subjects you are taking, you must now make contact with your teacher at least once week.

Monday 29th June 

All instructions are on slide 1 of the power point as usual - please read them carefully and ask if you are not sure what to do . This week we have another speaking - please complete this. We are happy to check the written work before you record the presentation if you like.

This is language is set again - some students did not complete this last week - listening practice is really vital and needs to be done as you are not hearing as much French at the moment.

Attached is your work for this week Mon 8th - Mon 15th June

Open the power point first, slide 1 has all your instructions - you will need to use work from last week to help you.

All tasks are on the power point except the reading which is on a PDF - do not print this off just write your answers and send them in typed or using photo.

There is also listening set on

I have set up new log ins for some students

9set 1 use your original log in - go to I have attached a sheet with everyone's personal log in ID type this in and the tasks assigned are there - ask if you are not sure. There are 2 levels of task 1 star and 3 if you were in 9 set 1 you should attempt 3 star only.

Email work back to, with the name of your class teacher Mrs Jones or Miss Bevans