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Year 9 Old Work

Year 9 

19th May. Close-ups. 

The advised deadline is 2nd June

To submit upload your work onto Teams or submit via email


Year 9 Work for 5th - 19th May

Choose one of the following tasks to complete over the next two weeks.  Attached below.

View Through a Window or Cardboard Tube Art. Read through the instructions of both task sheets before you choose. 

To submit please upload to your Teams group or email photographs of your work. 


Year 9 Visual Diary (Deadline Monday 4th May)

Create a hand made sketchbook using a piece of A4 paper.  Over the next 2 weeks fill your handmade book with direct observational drawings of objects you have around you. On the task sheet there are different ideas and techniques for you to try. 

Each year 9 class has a group set up for them on Microsoft Teams this has additional resources such a video demonstration of how to make an accordion book. 

To submit your work please upload photographs of your sketchbook and your drawings to assignment page on Microsoft Teams if you are able to do so.