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Year 9

English - Year 9

In addition to the work below your individual English teachers are emailing students on their Outlook365 accounts with specific work to be completed too.

Mrs Kennerley’s and Mrs Finch’s classes – ‘Macbeth’

  1. BBC Bitesize website – English Literature – Edexcel (exam board) – Themes.  Four pages of an overview of some of the themes of the play.  Make notes from these pages under the relevant headings – ensure everything is clearly labelled and organise for your revision next year.
  2. Seneca Learning – create a student account then search for a course titled English Lit: Edexcel GCSE Macbeth. There are four ‘units’ for your to complete online as revision:
  • Literary and Cultural Context
  • Plot Summary
  • Characters
  • Themes
  1. Macbeth Homework Booklet – this is a booklet we use for homeworks, but it is a superb way to start zooming in on the language and structure of the play.  There are specific tasks for you to complete on different extracts.  Use your knowledge of language and structure analysis (the work you did on the non-fiction extracts such as Touching the Void/Taking on the World) to help.  You will also find your Language and Structure flashcards helpful for this work.  Write in full sentences and remember to think about the impact on the audience and Shakespeare’s intention (why did he include it/what effect was he hoping to achieve?).

Mrs Powell’s and Miss Reeves' classes – ‘Romeo and Juliet’

  1. Use all of the website links to revise and revisit the play.  There are so many activities within these sites which will help you revise the plot and the characters of the play. 
  1. Reread the Key Events sheet and write it in your own words about what happens in the whole of the play