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Year 7

Monday 13th July   Very well done to all of you who have managed to submit work last week - we know it was a difficult task, and you coped very well with it 😄

This week, as your final task, we would like you to complete a comic strip conversation based on the key questions you have studied this year.

We have created an example to show you (attached below) of how you could set it out and the key questions you should include, but feel free to adapt them and include more detail if you would like.

In your comic strip you should:

  • Say hello and ask their name
  • Ask how they are
  • Ask how old they are
  • Ask when their birthday is
  • Ask if they have a pet
  • Ask where they live
  • Ask what they like/dislike
  • Ask what they have in their bag

All the questions are already on the example to help you, but also use your vocab books/resources from this year to further help.

Any questions, please email your class teacher.  The work can either be done on the computer or on paper - the choice is yours.

Miss Bevans and Mrs Jones.


Monday 6th July.   Well done to all of you getting work in to us - we know how hard it is to keep going, but just a little while longer and then you have your summer holidays to look forward to 😄 

This week, we are going to look at verbs.  This is something we have touched upon in class, but is going to require you to have a look at the sheet, READ IT CAREFULLY, and then attempt the exercises.

Please make sure you try all the tasks on the sheet, and if you've read the tasks, and are still unsure, please email your teacher so that we can help you 😄 

If you get a second, also go to the school website, and see if you can find your name under the roll of honour this week - we have submitted lots of names of year 7 students who have consistently been getting work to us - it is not too late for your name to appear on the list too 😄 

Miss Bevans and Mrs Jones 


Monday 29th June.  Thank you very much to those of you who submitted the work on weather to us last week - we were really impressed with how you tackled an unknown topic.   This week, we are revisiting free time.  

Please read the instructions carefully on the sheet, but remember to email your teacher if you are unsure what to do.  There are two pages in total for you to complete.  Page 2 includes questions in French - please make sure you use your vocab book to help you answer the questions, and write your sentence in FRENCH.

You will NOT be able to edit the PDF document unfortunately, so please complete the work in the usual way - either by completing on the computer on word or in your exercise book and then emailing it to us for checking.

We look forward to seeing what you can produce this week.  Miss Bevans and Mrs Jones 


Monday 22nd June  This week, we are starting a new section of work on the weather.  As this is a brand new topic, I have also included all of the vocabulary that you will need to complete the tasks.  YOU WILL FIND THE VOCABULARY AT THE END OF THE WORKSHEET PAGES.

As it is a PDF document, you WILL NOT be able to edit it, so you have two choices:

  1. Print the worksheet off and complete by hand, and take a photo and email it to us.
  2. Complete your answers on a word document and email this back to us.

Please make sure you read all the instructions carefully before you start and use the vocab phrases to help you complete the tasks.

Make sure you email your teacher if you do not understand what you have to do.   We look forward to seeing how you tackle this new section of work.  Miss Bevans and Mrs Jones 


Monday 15th June.  This week, we have another revision task for you to complete.  Year 7 Revsion P1.  You can either complete the work on a word document and email back to us or complete the work in your book and send us a picture with the work.

Please read the instructions carefully, but feel free to email your teacher if you do have any questions about the tasks. 


Monday 8th June, this week you have the second half of the tasks 5-11 to complete.  Please do so in the same way as before - answer on a word doc and just email that to us for marking. 

Read through the task instructions carefully before completing to make sure you know what you have to do. 

Any questions, please email your French teacher.


Monday 1st June. 

There are 4 tasks.  We are happy for you to amend the word document and write your answers straight on, or alternatively write the answers in your book and send us a picture - whatever is easiest.

For Task 4, you will need to record your answers and send them to us if possible - you can use the record function on your mobile phone/tablet etc and then send us that as a file.  This will hopefully help you keep your French pronunciation ticking over! 

Any questions, please email your usual class teacher, but please read the instructions carefully on the word document first as this might answer any questions you do have.

Take care,

Miss Bevans and Mrs Jones