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Year 7

Year 7 Mindfulness Project

Mindfulness Project Weeks 7-11 resources and task sheets.

This work will take you until the end of the school year. It is advised that you spend an hour on each task unless specified on the task sheet. 

The tasks will continue to be emailed and uploaded to Teams every Thursday with the advised deadline for each task. There will also be additional video demonstrations available on Teams


Work for 4th-11th June

Using the information sheet research illuminated letters. Then using the support resources create an illuminated letter for the first letter of your name. Full information and examples are on the task sheet. 

This work is for those students who are due to attend art lessons as part of their last DT rotation. However, all year 7 students are welcome to use these tasks to help them to develop their art skills. 

A group for each class (7A/DT Art Summer Term and 7B/DT Art Summer Term) has been set up on Microsoft Teams. On Microsoft Teams there are additional resources such video demonstrations for some of the tasks. 

All tasks can be uploaded to the Mindfulness Project Template PowerPoint that has been attached to the assignment page on Microsoft Teams. 

The full 5 weeks of tasks and resources have been attached below, but the tasks will be split into a series of weekly tasks on Microsoft Teams.