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Year 10

10Ma1 – Mrs Hunt’s Class

I have now analysed the 3 papers that you completed on Mathswatch. The topics below are those that seemed to cause most difficulty (understandably). I will now be setting work to address these topics on Blutick. I may send additional resources if I think it’s needed, but these will be emailed out.

If you have any questions or problems, please email me ( and I will help.

Focus topics from Papers 1-3

MW Clip

Completing the Square - Sketching

Clip 209c

Transformation of Polynomial Functions

Clip 196a

Composite Functions

Clip 215

Inverse Functions - Introduction

Clip 214a

Exponential Functions

Clip 194

Equation of a Straight Line - Gradient and Coordinates

Clip 159b

Solving Quadratic Inequalities

Clip 212

Algebraic Proof

Clip 193

And and Or Probability Questions

Clip 204

Listing Strategies

Clip 69

Harder Tree Diagrams

Clip 175

Frequency Polygons

Clip 65b


Clip 205

Area of a Circle

Clip 117

Circle Theorems

Clip 183

Circle Theorems

Clip 183

Enlargement - Neg. SF - Using Construction Lines

Clip 181a

Combinations of Transformations

Clip 182

Combinations of Transformations

Clip 182


Clip 172

Trigonometry in 3D

Clip 218

The Sine Rule

Clip 201

Surds - Rationalising the Denominator

Clip 207c


Clip 219

Error Intervals

Clip 155

Upper and Lower Bounds

Clip 206

Direct and Inverse Proportion

Clip 199


Topics in bold were on a calculator paper



We want to reassure you that we have plenty of time to complete the GCSE Maths course - there are about 5 units out of 20 left to cover. 

These will be easily covered in Year 11 with plenty of time for detailed revision before your public examinations at the end of Year 11. 

However, it is very important that you use this period of school closure to revise and consolidate your understanding of all the topics covered so far. Also, you must complete - to the best of your ability - the work that we are currently setting. If you do no work, it will be much harder to make a smooth start upon your return to school.