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Year 10

English – Year 10

  1. If you have access to Edmodo, use ALL the resources which are on this to support with your revision.  There are activities/practise exam questions on ‘Macbeth’, ‘An Inspector Calls’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’.  There is also work to complete on the Conflict Cluster of poetry, but I suggest you do Number 2 (below) before working on these. 
  2. Use the Mary Meredith ‘youtube’ revision videos to go through each of the 15 poems in the Edexcel Conflict Cluster.  Make sure you have a completed IFLITCCC grids (use the ones from the lesson to help you create them) for all fifteen poems.
  3. You can also go on to Seneca Learning (most of you have already created accounts) and search courses.  You are looking for English Literature GCSE Edexcel.  There is a lot of specific revision for the Edexcel GCSE, so work your way through:
  • English Lit: Edexcel GCSE A Christmas Carol
  • English Lit: Edexcel GCSE Macbeth
  • English Lit: Edexcel GCSE An Inspector Calls
  1. You also have an enormous amount of revision in each of your four exercise books.  Go through each one and you will find example exam questions which you can complete under timed conditions.
  2. BBC Bitesize – Conflict Cluster – a lot of the poems have specific information – use and take notes to add to your IFLITCCC grids
  3. You can also use SAMLearning activities to support.
  4. There is also a Q1a revision booklet on ‘Macbeth’ which you can work through – you looked sat this last year, but it is a useful tool to help you refresh your memory regarding the language and structure analysis aspect of the GCSE examination.