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Year 10

English – Year 10

Following the government's decision to allow centre-assessed grades for early entry students, you have finished your GCSE English Literature course and have now moved on to your GCSE English Language qualification.  So far you have been asked by their class teachers to:

  • Produce an overview of the GCSE qualifications either in leaflet, handout or poster form - this will be essential as it will be constantly referred to during next year - this was Lesson 1 which can be accessed below.
  • Complete a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar powerpoint (reading and activities) provided by Pearson Edexcel, the exam board, to remind students of this important aspect of their GCSE - this was Lesson 2 which can be accessed below.
  • Complete some planning work on two pieces of writing - writing is worth 50% of this GCSE, so some initial work on looking at exam questions and thinking about planning an answer - this was Lesson 3 which can be accessed below. 

Individual class teachers are emailing all their Year 10 students via Office 365 with these lessons and specific instructions for their own groups.  

Whilst researching speech writing, Lauren Watkins found this superb quote about speeches.  We thought we should share it with you all. Thank you,  Lauren. The English Team.