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Working Together

It is our joint responsibility as parents, teachers and support staff to equip our young people with the life skills they need to thrive at school and cope with the expectations of future education and life beyond. Your support and encouragement to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle will help build both physical and emotional strength and resilience as our students move through the years at Kingstone High School. 

Top Attendance Tips

  • Help your child prepare the night before school.  Check the bag is packed with the necessary equipment and kit for the next day, check homework has been completed and ensure uniform is ready.
  • Monitor and restrict access to social media, phones and tablets. These devices should also be switched off at least one hour before sleep.
  • Have regular bedtimes at a reasonable time.
  • Be aware of your child’s timetable and look out for any signs of reluctance to attend on specific days.  Contact the pastoral team  if you have any concerns or questions.

Try to stay healthy

  • Encourage your child to have breakfast before leaving for school.  
  • No energy drinks are permitted in school and we appreciate parents support to encourage our students to make healthy choices.
  • Provide a named reusable water bottle so that your child can stay hydrated during the school day.
  • Encourage good personal hygiene and hand washing