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The House System

Hawks               Falcons                Harriers               Eagles 

    Mrs L Rees       Mrs L Powell        Mrs C Rees       Miss J Bolton  

Which House do you belong to?

For every House Competition points are awarded as follows: 

          1st = 10 points

          2nd = 8 points

          3rd = 6 points

          4th = 4 points

  • Every participant receives 1 point for their house
  • 2 bonus points for fair play
  • 2 bonus points for outstanding student contribution

There are 3 House Awards 

  • “The Shaking Stick” – for the house that has the most amount of effort and fair play points
  • The sporting excellence cup
  • Overall winner





Autumn 1 Inter house sport SJ, PR, TB, JB Drop down P3-5
Autumn 1 Art – design a house logo LR Within curriculum 
Autumn 2 KHS Challenge  MB, GE, DC Lunchtime 
Autumn 2 Christmas Cookie decoration  CR P 1 - 4
Spring 1 Inter house sport SJ, PR, TB, JB Drop down P3-5
Spring 1 Number Giants  Maths Team Within curriculum 
Spring 2 Spelling Bee English Team Lunchtime 
Spring 2 Photo Competition LG, SK, MD Lunchtime 
Spring 2 Science Holds no Bounds  AR, NP, AF, FW Within curriculum 
Summer 2 MFL CB, AJ Lunchtime 
Summer 2 Sports Day SJ, PR, TB, JB Drop down P3-5
Summer 2 Battle of the Bands  JA Drop down P1-2