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Summer Reading Challenge

Dear Parents and Carers,

Summer can be a great time to encourage your 11-16-year-old to stop saying they’re bored and read a book!

Reading for enjoyment is the number one activity that students can do to improve their ability to learn, engage with the wider world and to empathise with others. Reading the right books can also support students’ mental wellbeing and improve confidence.

‘Kiddy Charts’ are running a summer reading challenge that you can access to support our students. To officially join you will need to register, but you can also unofficially use the resources without registering. There are two great lists of books recommended for this age group (also available on the school website) that you could discuss with your child in order to choose something suitable. There are also certificates that can be printed or, if you want to let us know how students got on, we can print certificates in September. There are also reading activities, especially for the younger year groups.

You can access the site on this link: Summer reading challenge 2021 #BeWellRead (

We are currently in the process of reopening the library and plan to do so before summer to support student book choices before the holidays. You can support us with this by returning all outstanding books (by Friday 9th July) and by donating any appropriate books that you are ready to pass on (by Friday 16th July).

Good luck with the reading challenge, and, as they say in The Hunger Games, ‘may the odds be ever in your favour!’

Miss E Starling

Head of English and Media