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Work for each year group is on the right - also do try the practical challenges    

Hereford Virtual School Games 

Here it is the last School Games Challenge of the year!

This challenge is based on Rounder’s / Softball two of our summer SG sports.

With an added extra twist this week; as well as using your average score we also get an additional point for each person who takes part in the challenge.

So the more students and Staff, who take part the higher our score will be. The activity can be completed at home or in school and please use substitute equipment if you need to. This challenge is open to the whole school including teachers so we can ALL get involved and finish on a high in First place like we did on Friday!

Rounder’s Bat or Rolling Pin Hit Ups!

Using a rolling pin (or similar) see how many times you can hit a ball or a pair of socks in 30 seconds. The number of hit up you can do is your score.

The teachers challenge is exactly the same as above.


As always PLEASE email Miss Jones your scores for this final challenge - the deadline for your scores is 1:00pm on Wednesday 15th July,.

Good luck all

I can’t wait to get the scores in!!!!


What a way to finish the competition!!!! THANK YOU ALL!

I am so proud of all those students who took part in today’s Basketball Challenge – we didn’t make my student participation target however, those students who did the challenge, sent over the most amazing scores which meant we finished on the top of the table for today’s Basketball Challenge – WELL DONE ALL!!!!!!


Miss Jones

I am super excited about the Virtual School Games week. I really can’t wait to see what we can ALL achieve over this week of fun challenges ahead of us.  

For those of you that need a little bit of motivation to get started please click on this link to the opening ceremony  it’s about 5 minutes long and I’m sure will help you get in the right mindset to get started on today’s Tennis challenge.

It is a team (whole school) effort, so the more of you that get involved the better the outcomes for everyone – it’s really doesn’t matter how big or small the score is, it is the taking part that is KEY.

More Information and the daily challenge videos can be found on the Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire website here