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Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Fisher                          Executive Headteacher

Mr L Butler                          Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Vigus                         Head of Primary

Mr D Cook                           Assistant Headteacher

Mrs R Finch                         Assistant Headteacher

Ms R Ruvino                       Assistant Headteacher

Mrs S Shough                     Business Manager 

Pastoral Team

Ms R Ruvino                       SENDCo

Mrs M Darcy                      Pastoral Lead Years 7 & 8

Mrs N Butler                      Pastoral Lead Years 10 & 11

Mrs D Carletti                   HLTA

Mrs V Seymour                 HLTA

Mrs C Wood                       HLTA

Mr T Bufton                        TA

Mrs M Webb                      TA (SEN)

Miss E Hughes                   TA (SEN)

English Department

Mrs R Finch                         Curriculum Lead English

Mrs L Powell                       English Teacher

Miss S Reeves                    English & Media Teacher

Mrs S Kennerley              English & Media Teacher

Mrs A Cobb                         HLTA English

Maths Department

Mr A Harris                         Curriculum Lead Maths

Mrs S Hunt                          Maths Teacher

Mr D Barlow                      Maths Teacher

Mr A Ross                            Maths Teacher 

Miss J Bolton                      HLTA Maths

Science Department

Dr A Fielding                       Curriculum Lead Science; Chemistry Teacher

Mr N Price                            Physics Teacher

Ms R Ruvino                        Biology Teacher

Mr A Ross                             Science Teacher 

Mrs F Whittall                    Science Teacher and Technician

MFL Department

Mrs A Jones                       Curriculum Lead MFL

Miss C Bevans                  MFL Teacher 

Design and Technology Department

Mr E Dixon                          Curriculum Lead Design Technology

Mr M Dallimore                DT & Computing Teacher

Mrs C Rees                          DT & Computing Teacher

Humanities Department

Mr D Cook                          Curriculum Lead Humanities

Mr G East                            History Teacher

Mr M Booy                         Geography Teacher

Art Department

Mrs L Rees                         Art and DT Teacher

Music Department

Mr J Ashworth                  Music Teacher

PE Department

Mr P Reed                            Boys’ PE Teacher

Miss S Jones                       Girls’ PE & Childcare Teacher

Admin Department 

Mrs S Spreckley               Administration Manager

Mrs A Dennis                     Admin Officer

Miss S Hales                       Admin Officer

Mrs K Esson                       Admin Officer

Mr A Major                         Cover Supervisor

Mrs D Waters                   Careers Officer

Finance and Site Department 

Mrs S Shough                    Business Manager

Mrs D Chalk                       Finance Officer

Mrs S Townsend              Exams and Data Officer

Mr R Davis                          Caretaker

Mr A Collinson                 Caretaker