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Maths Websites to help support your learning:

Brilliant website. Check out his little book of “Free ebook of notes and examples”.

dr frost Maths
This website is ridiculously good. Jam-packed full of some of the highest-quality PowerPoint lessons you will ever see. I love the way each one has slides of exercises, complete with answers. And they cover Year 7 right up to Further Maths Year 13. Simply amazing.

pixi maths
The website from one of my all time favourite resource creators. If ever I am looking for a lesson to base my planning around, I always start with pixi. Phenomenal stuff!

mathed up
An amazing website that keeps getting better! Crammed full of PowerPoint, EasiTeach and Tarsia Jigsaw resources for all topics, and all for free! The A Level section is one of the best around. Brilliant!
A wonderful website by teacher, Danielle Bartram, jam-packed full of high quality resources, homeworks and worksheets.

suffolk maths
A truly excellent website from AST, Mark Greenaway. Loads of stuff on here from resources, revision guides, advice, links, and pretty much anything else you could want. And see my "Essential Freebies" page to download Mark's entire collection of lessons in one go!

corbett maths
Videos, practise questions, maths mistakes, conundrums, and of the course world famous 5-a-day. What a website!

kenny's pouch
Kenny's pouch is like a gift from the gods. so much brilliant stuff, and all completely free. dig in and see what you can find. my personal recommendation are the key state 3 level ladders, and the key stage 4 make the grade worksheets. both are simply brilliant for revision.

number loving
The resource bank here is truly phenomenal. You won't find many boring PowerPoints and worksheets. Oh no, on Number Loving you will come across mysteries, collective memories, treasure hunts, top trumps, and much, much more. Here we look at 5 resources just to give you a flavour of what this amazing website has to offer.
Top quality maths resources for teachers and students. Some are available for purchase, but plenty of free stuff on there as well. The GCSE Revision resources are definitely worth a visit.

e maths
A simply brilliant website which has had an impressive makeover. Not only are there bucket loads of resources (all for free, of course), but also there is lots of advice for teachers, as well as interactive schemes of work and good website links, and that's just the teacher section! Very good.

math centre
I was slow to pick up on this website, but now I am a convert! For teaching A Level Maths, this website is simply brilliant. Pick the topic from the menu on the left, and then watch all the resources appear. What I like best of all is the variety of resources, from nice little leaflets covering all the main facts, the video tutorials. Brilliant!

maths sphere
A nice simple collection of free maths resources. What more could you ask for? 

maths careers
A nice website which attempts (and almost succeeds) to answer the eternal question: “sir, what use is this in real life?”. Also provides information on careers involving maths and really good links to newspaper articles and other resources.

wolfram alpha
There are few search engines that can rival Google, but for a mathematician, Wolfram Alpha certainly comes close. It is incredibly powerful and incredibly fun too. Are Craigs more popular than Kates and how often are people talking about mathematics? Wolfram Alpha has the answer.

history of maths
The best website around for information about famous (and not so famous) mathematicians. I would also heartily recommend following them on twitter at @MathsHistory, as you get sent a Mathematician of the Day tweet every single day!

gresham college
A nice website where you can find archives of interesting maths lectures, which can either be downloaded as videos or audio files, or if not then they can be streamed over the internet. There is lots of good stuff here.

Maths Revision Sources