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Subject Allocation

Year 7

Students currently receive 6 hours per fortnight of foreign language teaching. This is split between French and Spanish with students having 3 hours per language over the fortnightly timetable. There are 4 groups in Year 7 and these groups are mixed ability.

Year 8

Students receive 6 hours of language teaching in this year. The time is split into 3 hours of French and 3 hours of German per fortnight. Classes are taught on a mixed ability basis.

Year 9

Students receive 6 hours of language teaching, dividing the time between French and German: 3 hours per language per fortnight.  We currently have 2 sets in Year 9:  these are mixed ability groups.  At the end of Year 9 students choose which language they will continue to study for GCSE.

Years  10 and 11

Students receive 5 hours per fortnight of the language they chose in Year 9.  Languages are currently not optional, all students take either French or German for GCSE, except for a small lower ability group who work on additional literacy.   Groups are mixed ability.

GCSE French and German follow the AQA GCSE scheme of work.  Both subjects are 100% final exam assessed: with exams in listening, speaking, reading and writing all worth 25% of the marks.

Please refer to the MFL Department Handbook below for more information. or are the websites used for French homework