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Information for New Pupils

Dear New Kingstone High School Pupil,

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you as a new student of Kingstone High School in September. We know it is a big move, but it is also an exciting one.

Although it is a strange situation at the moment, we fully expect all secondary schools to be open as normal for new Year 7, when the start of the new school year arrives. All members of staff will be planning carefully to ensure that your first few weeks are well organised, and that you settle quickly at your new school.

Normally we you would have attended a day at the high school during the summer term and during that day you would have been able start to find your way around and to ask about any concerns you might have. We still hope that will be possible but have to accept that due to the rules on social distancing, it might not be.

I wanted to write to you to let you know that we will make everything as easy as possible for you. On your first day you will be met and taken to your new form rooms, where you will meet and spend time with your new form teacher. They will spend time going through lots of the things that you will need to know about. They will also take you on a small tour of the school, showing you where to find things.

At the high school there is a break between every lesson so you will have plenty of time to get a drink, go to the toilet and still not be late to your next lesson. Year 7 students also get to go for lunch 15 minutes before the other students, so you will only be in a queue for lunch with people of your own age group.

In the first term at high school, the only homework you will receive will be for English and mathematics. Other subjects will only be added later in the year, when you are more settled in.

During the first few weeks of the year there will be extra staff on duty, before school and at break times. These people will be wearing a purple Hi Vis jackets and are there specifically to help any Year7 students who might have questions, or who are not sure where they should be.

It really will be a lot easier than you might think. We are very much looking forward to seeing you in September.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Steven Fisher

Executive Headteacher