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Dear Parents and Carers,

RE: History Schedule for Remote Learning

On the right you will find information regarding History Remote Learning, for each group. You will need to look through to find the information relevant to your child’s class. Once you have found this, you will be able to see the Set Date, Due Date and Activity/Task your child should be completing at certain times.

As you will see each year group will have a particular day which work will be set and when work is due, this will be the day the classroom teacher is available for your child to contact them via Teams with any questions regarding the work or tasks set. For your child to be able to contact the relevant classroom teacher they will need to contact them via Teams by including the @ symbol and their name e.g. @abbeeparker. The classroom teacher will then respond in a timely manner.

Work will be set and due on the following days:

Year 8 – Mondays

Year 7 – Tuesdays

Year 11 – Wednesdays

Year 9 – Thursdays

Year 10 – Fridays

The tasks that are set for History will include a PowerPoint which would be very similar to what would be used in the classroom, plus some pre-recorded audio from the classroom teacher to explain the tasks and key knowledge that will be covered in the lesson. Your child will also receive a set of worksheets which will need to be completed, alongside the PowerPoint, and handed in via Teams for marking and feedback.

The PowerPoints and worksheets will be uploaded to Teams and G4S on a weekly basis, on their scheduled year group day. The number of tasks that are set will follow the timetable as closely as possible. For example, if a student has two lesson of History a week, whatever day the work is set, it will contain two hours of work to complete. Your child will then have a full week, in order to complete the worksheets/tasks and hand them in via Teams.

Yours faithfully

Miss A Parker

History Teacher