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Governing Body

The Governing Body is responsible for the oversight of the school and for determining the policies which govern the management of the school.

The Governing Body is made up of parents, teaching and non-teaching staff and members of the community. These members of the community include people with specific expertise to bring to the Governing Body.

Governors sit on one of a number of different committees which have an overview of the work of both schools. These committees are the Quality and Standards Committee, and Finance and Personnel Committee. New members are elected to the Governing Body at various points in the year when vacancies arise.   

The Governors can be contacted through the school office.  The KAT Governance Structure  and KAT Scheme of Delegation are to be found below.

Declarations of Interest

The Clerk will hold and maintain a register of Governors’ interests.

All Governors are required to manually complete an entry in the Register of Interests on an annual basis. Governors can add or remove interests from the Register during the year.

Governors are required to declare any personal or financial interests that could be seen to have an impact upon the exercise of their role and responsibilities as a Governor. Normally Governors will declare, at the outset of a meeting, any potential conflicts arising from the planned business of that meeting.

If a matter emerges during the course of a meeting which relates directly to an item of business under consideration, then a Governor should immediately declare an interest.  The Chair will  decide as to whether or not that member should withdraw, and may seek further advice.