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Subject Allocation

Year 7

Students receive 6 lessons of English per fortnight with one of these lessons designated to reading for pleasure (Library lesson).  They also have a designated DIRT slot where they can review any work done in class. There are 4 groups in Year 7.  These classes are taught in mixed ability groups, however one group has fewer students in it, so that MFL/additional intervention sessions can be accommodated. 

Years 8 and 9

Students receive 7 English lessons per fortnight and also one DIRT lesson.  One of the 7 lessons is a designated Library lesson.  Both Year 8 and 9 have three groups in them; Year 8 continues to be mixed ability whilst Year 9 is set in to one upper ability group and two middle/lower ability groups.

Years 10 and 11

Students receive 8 lessons per fortnight, but one of these must be made in to a DIRT lesson to ensure each student has an opportunity to self-reflect on their learning.  Double lessons have been deliberately timetabled, so assessments can take place that are as close to examination times as possible to help the students with the exam format. 

Students in Year 10 and 11 are set based on their baseline data for that subject.  Students in Year 10 study for their GCSE English Literature and Year 11 study for their GCSE English Language.

These are 100% examination qualifications, but the English Language does have a compulsory Spoken Language Endorsement that is graded at a Pass, Merit or Distinction and provides Universities and employers with a level of ability in communication.  Students complete this element at the end of Year 10, once they have completed their English Literature qualification. 

Year 10 has three sets and one intervention set.

Year 11 has three sets.

With the exception of Year 10, the HLTA will run targeted intervention alongside the English lessons, but this timetable will be continuously updated depending on the needs of the students.  In Year 10 the HLTA has a small group allocated initially to help them transition from KS3 to 4.

The examining body for both English Language and English Literature is Pearson Edexcel.