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Remote Learning Overview for English

Years 7, 8 and 9

In KS3 staff are supporting students to access Non-fiction texts in order to promote both reading and writing skills. These skills are fundamental for students throughout their school career, in their GCSEs and, in life beyond the classroom. In an era of ‘Fake news’ it is great to see students questioning the purpose of a text and the techniques that writers have used in order to affect them.

Lessons have been especially planned to be delivered remotely with audio recordings of long texts to make them more accessible.

Students work through a range of short activities set for each lesson in their books and return key highlighted tasks to class teachers for marking.

Deadlines are longer than we would usually set, in order to allow a more flexible working approach where this is necessary.

Teachers endeavour to ‘meet’ students as part of live lessons during the course of each week but are available online during the majority of lessons timetabled for your student.

For this reason, deadlines are set by individual teachers and can be monitored through both Teams and Go4Schools. For your child to be able to contact the relevant classroom teacher they will need to contact them via Teams by including the @ symbol and their name e.g. @elliestarling.

On the right you will find details of the texts teachers will select from for study by each year group.

Years 10 and 11

Key Stage 4 are continuing to prepare for their GCSE certifications this summer by providing evidence of their abilities in the skills examined.

Year 10 are proceeding with their study of Shakespeare; either Macbeth or Romeo and Juliet, while Year 11 are preparing for Paper 1: 19th Century Fiction and Imaginative Writing. Teachers are available online during every timetabled lesson, with many being offered as live lessons, and are contactable through Teams by including the @ symbol and their name e.g. @elliestarling.  Individual teachers set work and deadlines, for their groups, which can be monitored via Teams and Go4Schools.

The files section of Teams also includes a whole range of revision materials to support both year 10 and 11.

On the right you will find details of the topics that students can expect to cover in lessons.

English Revision Sources

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