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Year 7

Introduction to DT, focusing on improving graphical communication. The students will then be given a design and make project to learn about motions and mechanisms to design a mechanical toy.

Lesson 1 Graphical Skills – Quality of line and tone

Lesson 2 Graphical Skills – Oblique and Isometric

Lesson 3 Graphical Skills – Rendering

Lesson 4 Graphical Skills – Colour and Rendering

Lesson 5 Design Project – Design Brief and Research

Lesson 6 Design ideas

Lesson 7 Developing your design ideas – Scaling up

Lesson 8 Making – Rendering

Lesson 9 Making – Input – Process – Output.

Lesson 10 Making - Understanding linkages and levers

Lesson 11 Testing and Evaluations

Lesson 12 Project Overview

Year 8

The first topic we will study this term is Forces and Stresses, looking at the forces that are exerted on materials and product that we use. We will be designing and constructing structures to be able to withstand the forces we have learnt about. In our second topic we will be learning about mechanisms and mechanical devices and how they can be used to control and convert different types of motion.

Lesson 1 Understanding Forces and Stresses

Lesson 2 Reinforcing materials

Lesson 3 Structures and Strength

Lesson 4 Bridge Building – Testing and Experimentation

Lesson 5 Bridge Building 2 – Testing and Evaluations

Lesson 6 Material Properties

Lesson 7 Motions and Movement

Lesson 8 Cams and Followers

Lesson 9 Drive Mechanisms

Lesson 10 Card based making - Automata

Lesson 11 Card based making - Automata

Lesson 12 Evaluations

Year 9

This term we will focus on our designing skills, looking at technique’s designers use to provide inspiration and improve the quality of their designing. Will look at nature and natural forms to help improve our products. For our second topic we will be looking at improving problem solving skills.

Lesson 1 Product Comparisons

Lesson 2 Natural Structures

Lesson 3 Geometric Shapes in Nature

Lesson 4 Organic Architecture

Lesson 5 Constructing Natural forms

Lesson 6 Presentation of concepts (Project Overview)

Lesson 7 Identifying a user Need

Lesson 8 Specification Development

Lesson 9 Designing for a disability

Lesson 10 Personalised Design

Lesson 11 Critical Evaluation

Lesson 12 Project Overview

Year 10

This term we will be looking at improving our designing and modelling skills to create ergonomic furniture. We will be taking inspiration from designers and design movements and we will be using our ergonomes to create accurate scaled models. This term’s theory topic we are studying at Energy, Materials, Systems and Devices.

Lesson 1 Design and make Project Lesson 1 – Research into existing products

Lesson 2 Energy Generation

Lesson 3 Design and make Project Lesson 2 – Research into Design Movements

Lesson 4 Energy Store

Lesson 5 Design and make Project Lesson 3 – Good/Bad ergonomics

Lesson 6 Modern Materials

Lesson 7 Design and make Project Lesson 4 – Writing a Design Specification

Lesson 8 Smart Materials

Lesson 9 Design and make Project Lesson 5 – Designing

Lesson 10 Composite Materials

Lesson 11 Design and make Project Lesson 6 – Design Development

Lesson 12 Theory assessment

Year 11

This Term we will continue with the NEA, working up to the end of section D. Alongside this we are revisiting the topic of New and Emerging Technologies and Timber based materials.

Lesson 1 Industry and Enterprise NEA SECTION D

Lesson 2 Sustainability and the environment

Lesson 3 People, Culture and Society.

Lesson 4 Production Techniques

Lesson 5 Informing Design Decisions

Lesson 6 Unit Assessment

Lesson 7 NEA Check and Recap

Lesson 8 Sources, Origins and Properties of timber.

Lesson 9 Working with timber

Lesson 10 Commercial Manufacture

Lesson 11 Unit Assessment

Lesson 12 NEA Check and Recap