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Scratch Programming
Variables in programming
Inputs/process/output in programming
Recalling and combining variables
Using operators to find high/low numbers 
Using operators to compare values
Sequence in programs
Using inputs to sense objects in gameplay
Writing pseudocode


Scratch Programming
Setting up the environment(background editing)
Programming separate sprites
Identifying inputs
Identifying processes
Identifying outputs
Identifying/working with variables
Writing pseudocode
Writing flowcharts
Using an IF statement
Use a wait command
Use a loop
Use a sensor command
Use a forever loop
Working with operators
Designing a game


Python Programming
Different inputs
Different data types
String manipulation
Operators to compare inputs
Problem solving with maths/operators

Yr 9 Teaching and assessment: Students will follow instructions through live/recorded Team sessions and practice different programming techniques. Once a section has been completed, students will be assessed on that area.  Assessments are carried out on Quizizz and are time controlled.

YEAR 10/11

GCSE Computing
Pupils will follow their coursework J227/J276 Specification

Yr 10 & 11 Teaching and Assessment: 

Students will receive work from Mr Dallimore lesson by lesson.

Every other lesson will be a revision lesson (students will also receive this from Mr D).

Some lessons will be live/recorded, depending on content.

Once a unit has been completed, students will be assessed on that area. Assessments are carried out on Quizizz and are time controlled and open-ended questions (no multiple choice) to prevent cheating or guessing.