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Hereford 6th Form College:

Hereford and Ludlow College:

Hereford College of Arts:

Hartpury College  -

Hereford Sixth Form College - Open Event  Wednesday, 10th February from 5.30pm – 8.00pm.

This event will be held virtually .  However,  students will be able to watch live “taster“ sessions in all subjects. 

The event will run as follows:

5.30pm                        Event opens – talk from the Principal

Opportunity to look around the Expo areas at pre-recorded videos of each subject.

6.00pm                        Taster Session 1 (20 - 30 minutes) – live streamed lesson with text chat via Expo area

6.45pm                        Taster Session 2 (20 - 30 minutes) – live streamed lesson with text chat via Expo area

7.30pm                        Taster Session 3 (20 - 30minutes) – live streamed lesson with text chat via Expo area

8.00pm                        Event close

There will also be a virtual tour of the college available for students to be able to take a look around our campus and see some of our facilities.

Students will need to register for this event by visiting the HSFC website – they will not be able to  join the event without doing this.

A schedule of which subjects are running at which times will be published on the website so that students can plan their evening and decide which subjects they would like to experience.  During the sessions students will be able to text in questions and chat for live responses.  Students will not be expected to interact with the session either on camera or microphone, they will be viewing a lesson in action.

In between the live Taster Sessions, students will be able to visit other subject areas to ask any questions via text chat as well as watching subject presentations and PowerPoints.  They will also be able to visit general areas such as Learning Support, Bursary and Travel etc to ask any questions they may have.

Hereford Group Training Association

See the attached poster on HWGTA Virtual Open Evening below.  Registration is now ‘live’  using the link below

Details on how to join will follow.

Students and parents may want to join the Virtual Open Evening at various times between 5.00-7.30pm, to avoid having to wait to ask questions.  The recorded presentation from our Chief Executive, Nigel Morgan will start at 5.00, 5.30, 6.00 and 6.30pm.