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Behaviour for Learning

At Kingstone High School we take every opportunity to reward both students’ achievement and their good behaviour. These appropriate choices contribute to a positive ethos in the school thereby creating an environment for effective teaching and learning.   Kingstone High School has a Behaviour System for the classroom.   Form Tutors discuss and explain the expectations for Behaviour for Learning and ensure students understand them.   All staff reinforce the expectations.   A calm, orderly environment is needed for good behaviour and constructive work. This is centred around the key themes of Ready, Respectful and Safe. 

Reward System

Rewards points  are awarded throughout the year for a variety of positive reasons including effort and achievement inside or outside of the classroom, extra-curricular activities, helpfulness to staff and promotion of school values. There are no restrictions on the rewards, they should be awarded on the basis that the students have met the criteria and their behaviour or attitude to learning deserves to be praised.


Sometimes students do behave inappropriately and we expect parental support in dealing with any breach of our Behaviour System.  Children may be given a break time, lunchtime or after school detention.  All detentions will be recorded on Go4Schools. 

You will receive a phone call  with notice of any after-school detention.  After school detentions are held daily.  

Please see our behaviour code below for full details of our Expectations for Behaviour  and the Sanctions we put in place when our Expectations are not met.