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Behaviour for Learning

At Kingstone High School we take every opportunity to reward both students’ achievement and their good behaviour. These appropriate choices contribute to a positive ethos in the school thereby creating an environment for effective teaching and learning.   Kingstone High School has a Behaviour System for the classroom.   Form Tutors discuss and explain the expectations for Behaviour for Learning and ensure students understand them.   All staff reinforce the expectations.   A calm, orderly environment is needed for good behaviour and constructive work.  

Reward System

Rewards points  are awarded throughout the year for a variety of postive reasons including effort and achievement inside or outside of the classroom, extra curricular activities, helpfulness to staff and promotion of school values. There are no restrictions on the rewards, they should be awarded on the basis that the students have met the criteria and their behaviour or attitude to learning deserves to be praised.

1. Class Teacher and Form Tutors Positive Behaviour = 1 point

2. Curriculum Lead and Pastoral Lead = 3 points

3. Senior Leader Positive Behaviour = 5 points

It is the students’ responsibility to ask the staff member awarding the points to sign their reward collection card. The Bronze Reward card has space for 50 signatures.

When it is completed, students take it to their Pastoral Leader. This generates a Bronze Award badge, which can be worn on their blazer or jumper.  

Students will receive a new reward card to progress onto the Silver Award (100 rewards) and then Gold Award (150 rewards).

The cards will be retained and placed in the ‘reward box’ for the opportunity to win a prize at the end of the year and to qualify for attending events, e.g. Year 11 prom.


Sometimes students do behave inappropriately and we expect parental support in dealing with any breach of our Behaviour System.  Children may be given a break time, lunchtime or after school detention.  All detentions will be recorded on Go4Schools. 

You will receive a phone call or email  with  notice of any after school detention.  After school detentions are held  every Wednesday.  Letters will be sent home indicating the need to attend these detentions.

B1 – Class / Form teacher Level.  A student has fallen out  of line with the school’s expectations. An immediate consequence will be put into place by the class/form teacher.

  • Arguing
  • Chewing Gum
  • Excessive Talking
  • Incorrect Equipment/Kit
  • Lateness to Lesson
  • Low Level Disruption
  • Name Calling
  • Shouting Out
  • Swinging on Chair
  • Lack of manners
  • Failure to complete homework

B1 – Sanction


  • Move Seat
  • 10 minute break time detention
  • 20 minute Lunch Time detention
  • Removal to Head of Faculty
  • Form tutor/Faculty leader report


B2 – Pastoral Level. A student has displayed the same behaviours and the sanction(s) put in place at B1 have not improved behaviour for learning.

  • Bullying
  • Deliberate Defiance
  • Fighting
  • Graffiti
  • Inappropriate language overheard by a member of staff
  • Inappropriate use of ICT/mobile phones
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Truancy from lesson
  • Repeated B1 sanctions

B2 – Pastoral Level Sanction


  • 1 hour after school detention
  • 2 hour after school detention
  • Contact with parents (telephone, meeting, email)
  • Internal isolation (ARK)
  • Referral to Behaviour team
  • Pastoral Leader report card


B3 – Senior Level.  A student has committed a high level offence and/ or presented on-going poor behaviour for learning.  

  • Dangerous behaviour
  • Possession and/or distribution of illegal substances
  • Physical attack on another student
  • Physical attack on a staff member
  • Persistent disruption of learning
  • Inappropriate language purposely aimed at students and/or staff
  • Persistent truancy
  • Exam malpractice

B3 – Senior Level Sanction


  • Parent meeting
  • Internal isolation
  • Pastoral Support Plan
  • Fixed term exclusion
  • Pupil Referral Unit placement
  • Managed move to another school
  • Permanent Exclusion