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Our Expectations 

Students are required to attend regularly.  Registration is at 8.50am.   Students should arrive fully prepared for school and ready to learn by 8.45am.  

If your child is unable to attend school through illness / other reason please telephone the school before 9:30am on each day of absence. You can leave a message on the pupil absence line before 8.30am or email

Please note that if a student does not arrive at school, and there is no reasonable explanation provided for his/her absence, then members of staff will be required to ascertain their whereabouts for the safety of the individual student.  A child safety call will be generated to each telephone contact in priority order until the student’s whereabouts have been confirmed.  If contact cannot be made the situation will be assessed.  In order to avoid causing unnecessary concern for staff and parents the importance of good communication between home and school cannot be overemphasised.

Excellent Attendance

Regular punctual attendance is essential to the success of every student.  There is a clear link between attendance and examination success.

Kingstone High School  students should aim for attendance of 100% and we seek to ensure that all students achieve an attendance rate of at least 95%.  All our students are expected to aim for attendance in the Green and Yellow groups.  Students with attendance in the other groups and below 95% are at a serious risk of underachievement.  Students with attendance below 90% are deemed persistently absent.

Students with attendances in in the Amber, Pink and Red groups will have interventions put in place by their Head of Year. Referrals may be made to other agencies if our interventions fail to bring a sustained improvement.  Penalty Notices can be issued for cases of poor attendance.

The Pastoral Team is always available to discuss any issues which may affect students’ attendance.

Absence due to Illness 

Contact is required from parents in the event of absence. Please contact the school as early as possible on each day of absence. 

Reasons for Absence in Term Time

Absence during term time should only be in the event of illness or injury.

Medical appointments – non-urgent medical appointments should be made outside of school hours where possible. If such an appointment is necessary please try to arrange that your child leaves school at a lesson changeover time to ensure minimal disruption.  Minor medical appointments do not warrant a full day of absence and attendance is expected before and/or after the appointment where possible.   Please produce dental or medical appointment letters when possible.

Other absence – Absence in term time for other reasons cannot be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.  Penalty Notices are issued for poor attendance and unauthorised holiday absence.  Please remember that students have 13 weeks of half-term and end of term breaks.  The law requires attendance at school and many parents are not aware that it is not a parental right to take children out of school during term time. Every school day counts and any absence from school will result in lost learning and a risk of underachievement.    Please see our Attendance Policy for more information.

If you wish to take your child out of school for any reason other than medical or dental, or approved educational activity, please complete a Leave of Absence form, available from the School Office or download one below .

Please note: Kingstone High School does not authorise holidays within term time.