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British Physics Olympiad Success

28 of our Year 10 Science students have recently gained success in the British Physics Olympiad hosted by the University of Oxford, the Junior Physics Challenge. Over 10,000 students sat the hour-long exam which covered GCSE content as well as general knowledge surrounding famous scientists and discoveries.

The following students achieved a Bronze Award – Oliver G-T, Luke R, Jack B, Brandon S, Ali W, Jack B, Kaden D-J, Archie F, William R, James B, C Francis, Alex J, Callum R, Albi R, Jacob R, Kiara E, Otto J, Emmye W and Ollie F.

Silver Award, placing in the top 48% nationally, was achieved by – Daniel A, William P, Finlay N, Lily M, Elliot T, Amy B, Klaudia P, Lucas W.

And finally an amazing achievement by Noah G – A Gold Award which only 16% of students achieved nationally. 

A brilliant performance by all of our talented Physicists!