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Student Librarians attend 2022 Hay Festival

The highs and lows of librarianship

It was great to be back in the home of books on Friday 27th May. Our fabulous Librarians celebrated all things literary by attending the first live, in person, Hay Festival in three years. We got to see a range of authors, including the infamous Jaqueline Wilson and spent all our pocket money on books. Students described the event as ‘a wonderful place to inspire people to read’ and ‘a place where words dance.’ Each author spoke about their journey to becoming and writer and it was a truly inspiring trip for our young writers. A great end to the half-term and an amazing thank you to our students who tirelessly care for our library. Thanks to Miss Reeves for organising and for Miss Whittle and Miss Starling for accompanying us.

Our only sadness was that one of our Librarians was missing. Chief Librarian, Luke Hammett, after years of splendid service, was unable to join us for the trip as he had GCSE exams and was enjoying leaver’s day. Don’t worry, we did surprise him with a thank you party and present earlier in the week. We would like to take this opportunity to offer a heartfelt thank you to Luke for everything he has done over the year. We look forward to him helping us learn to do stock checks very soon.