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KHS Adopts Electrostatic Disinfecting Technology

Kingstone High School becomes first state school in Britain to adopt electrostatic disinfecting technology after 'Science lesson' during British Science Week from Vycel...

Kingstone High School has become the first state school in Britain to adopt British electrostatic disinfecting technology, Vycel. 

Electrostatic technology was invented by Joseph Priestley, an English clergyman and scientist from Yorkshire, England who wrote The History & Present State of Electricity with Original Experiments (1767). Between 1768-71 the resultant charge of static electricity accumulating on the surface of a globe, was collected by a cluster of wires and conducted by brass wire or rod to a "prime conductor", a hollow vessel made of polished copper metallic rods which could be inserted into holes in the conductor "to convey the fire".

Since the onset of the pandemic, Vycel has become commonly used as a specialist disinfector in banks, cinemas, airlines, health clubs and care homes.  But now schools, led by Kingstone High School in Hereford is 'leading the charge' in the education sector.

During British Science Week in March, Year 10s at Kingstone had their eyes opened to electrostatic disinfection when they received a lesson from a Vycel Technology demonstrator.

Today, Vycel Technology has harnessed the power of positively charging disinfecting solution/mist to take air and surfaces 'back to safe'.   The state of the art technology works by positively charging  the disinfectant solution and the fine mist wraps all surfaces, killing all viruses within 30 seconds with no need to wipe dry.  Large areas such as classroom, sports halls, canteens etc can be disinfected in a matter of minutes.

The Year 10s were taught that whilst cleaning and sanitisation take care of what the eye can see, only actual disinfection - administered afterwards and as a separate process - can properly handle what the eye can't see.

Executive Headteacher of Kingstone Academy, David Bennett, has championed Vycel technology. 

He says: "Electrostatic technology acts almost like a heat-seeking missile zeroing in on viruses that dodge standard cleaning techniques and are not visible to the naked eye."

"The Vycel trainer looked a bit like a Ghost Buster in terms of the backpack worn to apply the mist with disinfecting technology when showing us how the Vycel Science worked".

"She demonstrated to the students in the Science lab before and after virus data using an ATP device, commonly used by Food Standards".

ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate, the source of energy for use and storage at the cellular level which is left on surfaces after hands touch it. 

Despite vigorously cleaning surfaces every day the classroom was inevitably left with an invisible virus count on the surfaces.

"This was an eye-opener for the students but also the teachers," according to Jennifer Morgan, Head of Computing and Business at Kingstone High School.

Daily Disinfecting with Vycel electrostatic technology - after the standard cleaning process has been completed - brings the classroom environment back to acceptable virus level.

As well as dealing with viruses, the improved mental health of students is another added benefit from schools adopting Vycel, according to David Bennett. With Vycel stickers distributed around the school, to clearly demonstrate that Kingstone High School has been 'Vyceled', then there will be less anxiety.

Despite Kingstone choosing to drop mask mandates due to approximately 80% of young people having already had Covid-19, currently 10% of children are still making the personal choice to remain in masks.

"Many of the children wear masks around their chin, almost as a form of peace of mind," according to Mr. Bennett.

"If Vycel can provide students, parents and teachers with the added confidence that the classroom environment has not only been cleaned but - also thoroughly disinfected - this can only help."

Despite Covid-19 restrictions having been lifted in England, 100 Headteachers nationwide have maintained mask mandates.

"As well as our strict cleaning regime, I see Vycel as certainly following the science in terms of providing extra protection and boosted confidence for students, parents and teachers alike."