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GCSE Science Live

On Monday 4th Feb, 30 Year 10 & 11 students travelled to the Symphony Hall in Birmingham to watch GCSE Science Live! 

Five prominent scientists shared their latest work in engaging 30 minute lectures.

Professor Lord Robert Winston (numerous BBC documentaries on the human body) explained the latest research in IVF technology and gave us an insight into the human egg’s journey through the body using the latest video images.

Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock (Sky at Night) shared her love of the Moon, detailing its probable creation, its current influence on us and how Earth’s future will be determined by our relationship with it. She encouraged us all to be lunatics!

Professor Alice Roberts (Coast, Prehistoric Autopsy, Digging for Britain) led us through the evolution of two of man’s best friends, the horse and the dog. She shared the latest research into how we made partnerships with these animals for shared benefit and how the latest thinking leads us to believe that these relationships started a lot earlier than we previously thought.

Professor Andrea Sella (Catching History’s criminals, Nova) explained why water is an extreme liquid, in that when frozen it floats! He went on to share water’s key role in the current problem that is global warming.

Professor Jim Al-Khalili (Genius of Britain, The Life Scientific) convinced us that time travel into the future is easy (technology allowing) but travelling back in time will prove more challenging! The concept of worm holes was explained, showing us how space-time is warped in order to achieve the impossible.

We also took advice from a GCSE Science chief examiner who gave students his best advice for top exam performance.