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Yr 10 Creative Writing Workshop

Year 10 took part in a Creative Writing Workshop on 6th July.

They were encouraged to challenge their existing ways of experiencing the world around them. Adopting a multi-sensory approach, they were blindfolded and forced to rely on one another to describe their surroundings! The day was immensely enjoyable and definitely thought provoking. All of the students commented on the way in which the workshop had challenged them to think about the most mundane, everyday objects in a new way.

Extracts from pupil’s work:

“The smooth metal arranged in a rigid structure of unbreakable, intertwined loops.”

“… memories are being trapped behind the bars that surround it. The confined space is like a portal once you’re in you are stuck within… The windows give only ebbs of hope…”

“… hands trapped in the wood frantically trying to escape the engulfing darkness.”

“The purple flower rises from the thistle covered in spikes like swords protecting itself from the outside world.”

“… Standing there, I could almost hear the strands of withering paint, desperately crying for help…”