“The year 11 girls played their last ever fixture last night in the shape of a rounders tournament. The atmosphere was great, with a pretty big turn-out. The girls came 3rd in their group, which was really good considering they hadn’t trained much due to other commitments (revision etc). The girls had a few memorable moments including 2 huge shoulder rolls/falls and still going on to score rounders. Another was an epic one handed catch by C Osborne who was fielding deep between 2nd and 3rd post. She even got a cheer from the opposition!

M Capel, A Prothero, E Guy, J Harrison, C Osborne, C Goddard – Player’s best player award!, K Hughes, T Exley

Please acknowledge the girls, especially T Exley who has represented the school in every single year 11 fixture since the very beginning. Think shes going to miss them more than her own year group!”- Miss E O’Donnell- PE Teacher

Rounders- Whitecross - 3/05/2017

“The year 7’s played their first ever rounders match tonight and ended up drawing 10-10 against Whitecross, which was a fantastic effort. The year 10’s unfortunately lost 14 ½ - 5 ½ which reflected just how well drilled Whitecross were.

Big U16 tournament on Monday, so will keep you posted on that one.”- Miss E O’Donnell- PE Teacher

Rounders- Whitecross- 26/04/2017

“The first 2 rounders matches of the season saw us a win and an loss tonight! The year 8’s beat Whitecross 9 ½ - 7 ½ whilst the year 9’s unfortunately lost 16 – 6, which was purely down to a spat of rogue fielding during the first innings. All of the girls played really well, with exceptional performances from G Caple and R Celozzi”- Miss E O’Donnell- PE Teacher

Year 8: G Caple, S Wall, E Payne, E Hughes, E Davies, H Guy, M Bullock

Year 9: C Kedward, C Gittens, Sophie Field, S Rudolph, E Rudolph, H Preece, A Smith, E Richards, J Ellis

Netball- 16/03/2017

“The year 9 girls BEAT Fairfield 11-4 last night with a fantastic performance all-round. It was their first match since Christmas, so the girls were feeling slightly anxious to say the least, but their performance on court said otherwise. E Richards was voted player’s player by the opposition and S Field coach’s player by myself.

Tuesday wasn’t as successful unfortunately as the year 8’s took a heavy defeat against Fairfield 20-8 and year 7 with 13-11. Year 8 were not up to their usual selves, which is just the way sport goes sometimes. They have taken a lot from the loss and realised the importance of consistent training and team work. Year 7 were simply unlucky as it was a close throughout the entire match.

Monday saw the year 7 girls finish 3rd overall in their tournament, heavily beating The Academy but missing out to Fairfield again. The girls will be back to settle the score in a friendly over the next few weeks!”- Miss E O’Donnell- PE Teacher

Basketball- 24/01/2017

“KS4 girls won their first basketball match last night against Earl Mortimer College (EMC), by 1 point! The girls were awesome and became more and more feistier as the game went on. All played extremely well and are itching to play again!”- Miss E O’Donnell- PE Teacher

T Exley, P Brown, K Watkins, K Watkins, A Lloyd, C Goddard, A Bailey, Z Bevan

Badminton- John Masefield School- 12/01/2017

“The following boys took part in a Badminton competition tonight at John Masefield School and came 3rd (out of 4). It was their first competition and they boys learned a lot from their experience. After initial tears from J Anderson, the boys soon realised the extent of the level of competition they were involved in. There were some very talented players there, particularly one boy who is on the brink of representing England. We met Les Butts who is the head coach of the Hereford Badminton Academy, who gave our boys some wise words of wisdom. He also invited them to go to his club on a Sunday night at The Academy, so this is something I would like to push here. Les will also be coming to our school to deliver a free taster session towards the end of February (more tasters)!”- Miss E O’Donnell- PE Teacher

W Cooper,Z Lawrence,J Anderson,M Tyler

Athletics- Whitecross High School- 11/01/2017

“The following Year 8 boys took part in an Athletics competition at Whitecross High School tonight. They were fantastic! Impeccable behaviour and fantastic support for each other throughout the competition. The results were pretty varied, we won one event, came second in another and third in a couple – The results will be out tomorrow, so I wont know our position until then. B Perry and Ru Gray really stood out as they demonstrated superb athleticism. S Grffiths behaved perfectly and really pushed himself to the absolute limits.They all did us proud in many ways tonight:

H Williams, S Griffiths, F Rosser, B Perry, R Gray, H Sanders, T Crapper, J Blackmore

I also found out that T Crapper is a very talented cyclist. He is ranked 3rd in England and Wales in 5 disciplines! One to watch I think, absolutely fantastic!!”- Miss E O’Donnell- PE Teacher

Cross Country- 10/11/2016

“We had another successful X Country Championships today. Well done for representing our school: Year 7 – S Rees, A Nwakwu, A Christie, J Holman, J McMillan, T Wathen, M Tyler, J Anderson Year 8/9 – J Cashmore, F Davies, J Casewell, M Kellow, T Crapper, I Johnson, S Mitchell, E Payne, E Rudolph, S Rudolph, E Healthfield Years 10/11 – J Heeley, R Wright, E Kellow, I Michael, C Goddard

A few stand out performances: In the girls A Nwakwu finished 11th, S Mitchell 17th, E Kellow 15th , I Michael 16th. In the boys J Holman 2nd, J Heeley 2nd , R Wright 3rd, T Wathen 17th”- J.Buckley- PE Teacher