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Good communication between home and school is essential and we encourage parents to contact us if they have any queries or concerns.

The majority of school information will be sent home via students.  We will text parents and carers with reminders or updates, for example if buses are running late, so it is important that we are supplied with any changes to contact details.  Our website provides information and news updates, and the school calendar.  Parents are encouraged to use the Student Planner to communicate with the school or to contact the school office via ‘phone or email.   

Personal appointments can be arranged, at a mutually convenient time, with members of staff in order to discuss any matters of concern. 

Parent Focus Group

Over the past three years the school has operated a parent focus group. This group meets on the second week of each half term, on a Wednesday at 4.30pm,  to discuss a number of school related issues.

This is an opportunity meet with Mr Fisher,  to listen to and comment on plans the school has for the future and a chance for you to make suggestions or offer feedback on the way the school conducts its business at present.

Over the past few months due to parents of older students leaving and some parents not being able to attend for work reasons, attendance at these meetings has dwindled.  We would like to invite expressions of interest from parents who would be interested in attending and would have the time to do so.  The meeting normally  last for about an hour. Refreshments are provided. 

Parent Questionnaire

As a school we strive to do the best for our students and therefore value any feedback you can give us with regards to how you feel about the education and pastoral care they receive here at Kingstone High School.

We would be grateful if you could take a few moments to complete the below questionnaire.

To complete the questionnaire- click here