Pastoral & Behaviour

Here at Kingstone our pastoral care system is central to all we do.

Each student’s progress, achievements, and attendance are overseen by a Form Tutor and their Pastoral Leader and Progress Leader. These roles play a significant part in the academic and personal development of every student. The Form Tutor is always your first port of call. With your help they are better able to assist your son or daughter with their work. If ever you are concerned about any part of the education your son or daughter is receiving, do not hesitate to contact the school. You can do this through a note in the planner, a formal letter, a telephone call or by e-mail.

Our ‘House’ system also provides many opportunities for academic and sporting competition for students. The ‘House’ names are: Aqua (Blue); Ignis (Red); Terra (Green).

The pastoral System aims to provide:

  • A culture where it is ‘cool to learn’ – encouraging high expectations and high self-esteem throughout the school community.
  • Effective tutoring and a relentless focus on progress towards higher attainment.
  • Small mentor groups so that one mentor can give greater focused time to students at certain stages during their learning journey, such as tracking individual progress, option choices, post-16 choices and guidance.
  • Access to high quality study support and advice and guidance within the school, plus support from external agencies where needed.
  • A community built upon positive relationships for higher achievement.
  • Parents and guardians with a familiar point of contact in the School.

‘Encouraging high expectations and high self-esteem throughout the school community.’

Behaviour For Learning

As a result of a review of our behaviour system, we have decided to make changes to the way it is operated. The new system is more concise. It outlines the actions that will be taken as a consequence to disruptive behaviour in our learning environment. We hope the system is clearer and alleviates any confusion. It is based on a 3 wave system.

B1 is Faculty level with intervention from the class teacher/form tutor.

B2 is intervention from the Head of Faculty/Progress leader.

B3 is intervention from a member of the Senior Leadership Team.


Here, at Kingstone, we want to celebrate the positive achievements of all our students.

The system has been changed to promote excellent behaviour for learning. As such we have also changed our Reward system, to ensure our students displaying excellent behaviour for learning are recognised and rewarded accordingly.

Following the review of the behaviour policy, we have decided to make changes to the ways in which we reward positive behaviour for learning. Your child has received a red reward card that is to be kept inside their planner. This will be signed by their teachers every time they earn a reward for positive behaviour.

The card has space for fifty signatures. When it is completed, they will take it to their Progress Leader. This generates a Bronze certificate and a pin badge, which can be worn on their blazer or jumper. Then the card will be retained and placed in the ‘reward box’ for the opportunity to win a prize at the end of each term. Winners will be drawn and prizes given in the final assembly of each term. They will then progress onto the Silver award (100 rewards) and then Gold award (150).