Ofsted Report

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils from our Ofsted Report May 2015

This is a GOOD school.

  • The headteacher, supported by other senior leaders, has demonstrated a relentless determination to drive up standards. As a result, teaching and achievement across the school are improving rapidly.

  • Leaders at all levels have accurately identified previous weaknesses of the school and use them as the basis for well-considered strategies for improvement.

  • Leaders’ skills in using information about students’ progress have developed rapidly. This enables them to hold teachers to account and identify students at risk of falling behind.

  • Governors make a strong contribution to the school. They are well informed, realistic and have made wise long-term plans.

  • Teaching is good. Engaging resources and clear explanation help students to learn well. Teachers check students’ understanding regularly so that they can adapt the lesson when necessary.

  • Students’ attitudes to learning are overwhelmingly positive. They behave well in lessons and during social times, and take pride in their work. They feel safe in school and are right to do so.

  • Students currently make good progress in almost all subjects, including English and mathematics. Attainment and rates of progress have risen sharply this academic year.

  • Disadvantaged students are making good progress and catching up with their classmates and other students nationally

Parents may also access the School Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State on the Department for Education’s website. Click on the link below to go to the website