Year 7 visit to Bletchley Park – Code breaking

Year 7 visit to Bletchley Park – Code breaking

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Maths and Computing have been running units in their schemes of work about code breaking this term for year 7. To coincide with this they ran a trip to Bletchley Park, the home of World War 2 code breaking. Students had a code breaking workshop, where they also go to use an actual World War 2 Enigma machine! They had time to walk around the site, going inside the huts and mansion as well as visiting the exhibition on ‘The Bombe’. Students were very lucky to have a short guided tour by a very passionate and informative member of the Bletchley Park Team, who told them stories of the war and the role Bletchley had to play. Year 7 had a fantastic day and staff at Bletchley Park commented on how polite and pleasant they were.

Students, Amy and Kira, said “At Bletchley Park we had lots of fun and enjoyed ourselves. We saw how they decoded the messages and how they created them. We had a go at decoding different types of messages and then we had a look around the site. We saw the places where they decoded the messages in real life. We went into the mansion where they taught people how to speak different languages like Japanese and German.”

Jack and Jamie said “Firstly, we started the day with an exciting workshop. We then got to explore the grounds that were filled with amazing World War 2 machines. We got to see a real Enigma machine. It was an exciting trip and we wish we could go again to see the bits we didn’t have chance to see.”

Bletchley 1

Bletchley 2

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