Edmodo - VLE

We use Edmodo in our classroom as our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment). Edmodo is a free and secure social learning network for teachers, students and schools. It provides a safe and easy way for us to connect in a way which supports students’ learning beyond the classroom.

Edmodo also offers parent accounts and we’d like to invite you to join our classroom online. Initially with Parent Accounts, you can:

  • view your child’s homework assignments and due dates

  • view teaching and learning resources uploaded by your child’s teachers

  • view the comments written by your child and their teachers.

This is the first year we are using Edmodo throughout the school after trialing it last year. As a parent you will find it particularly useful in monitoring your child’s homework. You will be able to see the assignment set and there is a useful calendar which shows you when homework is due.

There is also an option to see your child’s grades in a particular subject but this is not in use school wide yet. If your child does not have any grades showing please do not worry as it simply means their grades are in a mark book and not online yet.

Edmodo is accessible online and on any mobile device with Internet capabilities (they also offer a free iPhone and Android app). You can access your account on the go, and adjust your notification settings within Edmodo to receive alerts via text or email. To join our classroom on Edmodo, follow these steps:

1) Go to http://www.kat.edmodo.com

2) Select “Parent Signup” (the link is located below the student and teacher sign up buttons)

3) Key in your unique code: you can retrieve this from your child’s Edmodo homepage (the parent code is located on the bottom right side of the page) or you can pick it up at your child’s parents’ evening.

4) Complete the registration screen.

5) Select Sign Up. That’s all there is to it!

After you sign up for the first time, you will no longer need the parent code – you’ll login using your unique username and password to login. There is a guide with this letter but let us know if you have any questions. We look forward to connecting with you on Edmodo!