Our Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mr S Fisher - Exectutive Headteacher

Mr L Butler - Deputy Headteacher

Mrs E Vigus - Head of Primary

Mr N Moon - Business Support Advisor

Extended Leadership Team

Ms R Ruvino - Head of Pastoral

Mrs G Bevan - Head of Number and Design

Vacancy - Head of Combined Sciences

Mrs R Finch - Head of Communication & Arts

Pastoral Team

Mrs M Darcy - Pastoral Lead KS3

Mrs N Butler - Pastoral Lead KS4

Mrs D Carletti - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Howard - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Miss A Meredith - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Communication and Arts Faculty

Mrs R Finch - Head of Faculty

Mrs L Powell- (part-time) - Teacher of English

Miss S Reeves - Teacher of English and Media

Mrs S Kennerley- (part-time) - Teacher of English and Media

Mrs R Elliott - Teacher of Art

Mr J Ashworth - Teacher of Music

Mr G East - Teacher of History and Geography

Mrs A Jones- (part-time) - Curriculum Lead MFL

Mr S Evans - (Maternity Cover)- Teacher of MFL

Number and Design Faculty

Mrs G Bevan - Head of Faculty

Miss C Passmore - Teacher of Maths

Mr T Bufton - Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Rees - Teacher of ICT and DT

Mr E Dixon - Curriculum Lead Design Technology

Mr M Dallimore - Teacher of Design Technology

Mrs A Knibbs- (Part time)- Teacher of ICT

Combined Science Faculty

Mr M Booy - Head of Faculty

Dr A Fielding - Curriculum Lead Science

Mr N Price - Teacher of Science

Ms R Ruvino - Teacher of Science

Mrs F Whittall - Teacher of Horticulture, Technician

Mr J Buckley - Curriculum Lead PE

Miss S Jones - Teacher of PE

Mrs J Smith - Teacher of Science, Technician, Teacher of Year 10 Childcare

Administration Team

Mrs S Spreckley - Administration Manager, Headteacher’s PA

Mrs A Dennis - Administrative Officer

Miss S Hales - Administrative Officer

Miss E Hughes - Administrative Officer

Mr A Major - Cover Supervisor

Mrs S Townsend - Examinations and Data Officer

Finance Team

Mrs C Williams - Finance Manager

Mrs D Chalk - Finance Officer

Site Team

Vacancy- Site Maintenance

Mr R Davis - Site Officer